Where did “Katzcy” Come from?

Pronounced “Cat’s Eye” and inspired by the Cat’s Eye stone, known for protecting wealth and ensuring financial growth. The eye featured in the logo is representative of a black panther. The black panther often represents strength, wisdom and determination – characteristics our team values.

We Help Tech Firms Grow

Growth Consulting

Part time CMO that adds value to your executive team – at a fraction of the cost. Consults and/or coordinates all activities (branding, advertising, events, inbound and outbound) and directs communications.

Strategy Development

A simple, effective process that empowers your team to develop an integrated business, sales and marketing strategy to drive growth. Offered as a package or separately to meet your needs. Recommended annually.

Marketing Operations

Scalable growth operations that help you amplify your value with help communicating and influencing the market as well as drive lead generation and sales. Think outsourced marketing team.

Who We Are

We build lasting relationships

“In executing on our mission to introduce an internationally established security solution to the US market, the Katzcy team has been a great partner for Interfocus at all levels: providing strategic guidance, go-to-market planning, and implementation of inbound and outbound market operations to drive our lead-generation efforts.”

Greg JorgensonPresident of Interfocus Technologies, Inc.

“Zeneth Technology Partners set an aggressive goal to achieve 80% growth in less than a year, and concluded that this could only be achieved through a growth hacking partnership with Katzcy Consulting. Beyond traditional marketers who define how to enter and engage a market, Katzcy worked with us to see the market, plan our approach and grow our business.”

Peter ClayPrincipal at Zeneth Tech Partners

“Everyone at Katzcy was great to work with! They excelled at taking the ideas in our head and converting it to concrete information. We definitely recommend Katzcy.”

Stephanie MitchellOwner at Mission Associates

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