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Cybersecurity Games - Building Future Workforce

To defend the nation, its industries and its citizens against existing and emerging cyber threats, the US National Security Strategy is predicated on expanding the skilled workforce to perform duties relating to information security. A significant shortfall exists between the number of workers with cybersecurity defense skills and the number of open job requisitions, in both private enterprise and government.

As such, the Competitions subgroup of the National Institute for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Working Group recognized a need for a deeper look into the role that cybersecurity games play in developing tomorrow’s workforce and commissioned this whitepaper, interviewing more than 25 thought leaders from government agencies, defense contractors, other private industry entities and academia.

Written by the team at Katzcy Consulting, the cybersecurity competitions whitepaper includes:

  • Input from 28 contributors from the private and public sectors.
  • Specific mention of 16 cybersecurity competitions.
  • Chart with 39 cybersecurity competitions, complete with age range, location and websites.

We plan to keep the conversation going.

Do you have thoughts about Cyber Games and their potential impact on future cybersecurity professionals? Send us your thoughts.

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